How to Switch Freelance Writing from A Full Day Job?

Starting anything new in your life is difficult, but not unattainable. Just imagine, the first baby steps that you took in fear, it was because of a continuous struggle, practice, and support. It was new for you and your mother, but you achieved it.

Have patience, take those baby steps to switch freelance writing and one day you will be earning a full-time livelihood out of your passion.

Ask these 5 basic questions before you plan a switch

  • Are you a Risk taker?  Do you like taking risks and fighting with the challenges
  • Are you a self-starter? Because no boss or manager will be there to push you hard in meeting the deadlines
  • Will you be able to continue nurturing creativity, motivation, productivity?Companies arrange regular seminars, training, and fresher courses, and sessions with the seniors that is a complete dose of learning. You will miss it; do you have an alternative for this?
  • How will you survive if unable to grab a project for a month or two?
  • Are you good at managing finances? As you will be paying from your pocket for the benefits you avail in the current job like lunch, paid leaves, medical coverage, fuel allowance, etc.

Consider these questions as an assessment test for your skills; confidence, motivation, patience, consistency, and a can-do approach. If most of the answers are yes, proceed to the following points to switch freelance writing from a full day job.

Volunteer Writing Tasks

Every organization, blog, magazine, and media houses love to have creative write-ups free of cost. But, it does not mean whatever you write will be accepted and published.

They have a comprehensive document of guidelines which serves as a scale to judge the quality of content you write.

Browse blogs of your interest, find ways to contribute them with a variety of topics, read their submission rules, and contact accordingly. Don’t give up after contact a few blogs or digital magazines.

Keep on outreaching your favorite blogs, and news and media outlets to get a break without getting money in return. It will prove your pass to an enticing career in writing.

Interact with senior authors and copywriters

Connecting with seniors in your field helps you know the deep market insights right at the start of your career that may take you years to learn on your own.

Social media networks are the most effective tools to search for mentors in your niche. Find and befriend to a productive chat.

Utilize email messages for your detailed introduction as most of the social media users are reluctant to receive connection requests from strangers. You may be an expert in your trait, but for them, you are a complete stranger.

Do not expect that they will contact as soon as they find your email. Their emails are usually flooded by a bunch of notifications which they take notice of its defined priority.

Have patience, you will get a reply if you remain consistent in interacting with more and more of your like-mind people.

Calculate Expenses to Define Income Goals

It is the expenses that may force you to put your hard effort in achieving a specific income goal. If you keep relying upon your savings, you are not going to make enough money in the initial month that can help you survive for long.

Before planning any plan, get to know the amount you need to run your house. Find it by calculating house rent, bills, grocery, loan repayment, and other petty expenses.

As a quick check, you can initially consider your current salary to be the income goal. And, move on to increase the target for the months ahead.

Improve your Business development skills

Moving to a full time freelancing may require you to be a jack of all trades, and a master of your own skill. It may demand you to be an active marketer and business developer, who is not confined to writing and editing tasks only.

Learn different ways of grabbing your clients. It can be from freelancing marketplaces like Guru, Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr, etc. but, if you want to build a business model of your own, you can proceed with a personal blog or website, or bring in traffic from other blogs, forums, or social media platforms.

For this, you may need a strong portfolio and communication skills to have an impressive first impression on your client. Else, the freelancing platforms don’t require building a portfolio because the rating and reviews from your existing clients become precedents of your skills and expertise for potential buyers.

Continue expanding your knowledge bank like starting from the essentials of content writing, and moving on to writing processes for advanced copy-writing, etc.

The people who stand with you and believe in you at every startup are your close friends and family members. Spread the word among them that you have started freelancing, and they will bring your referral clients who are going to stay with you for long.

Gear up to grab clients

Finding clients is full of hassle, specifically when you have to look after the existing projects and go for more in order to have a queue.

It is a painstaking job. But, if you get busy in a project and forget to pitch further clients, you will end up with a gap that may demotivate you towards the goals of becoming a full-time freelance writer.

Spare half an hour in the wee hours, if you belong to a developing country and have to interact with clients of Eastern Time. Or, put out a few hours on the weekend if your potential clients are locals. Call them or arrange a meeting. Mostly, clients are willing to meet on Saturdays.

Take the leap when ready

Move when the clients and income target is achieved. The transition from a full day job to permanent freelancing is only easy if you are consistent in pitching for new projects while retaining friendly terms with existing clients.

Plan to move, when you are sure that you can maintain the income target from at least the existing clients. Consider the existing clients as a bonus.

On a safe side, if you are quite comfortable with a full day job, talk to your boss, if he can put your on the freelance or part-time role for a month or two before you finally leave the company.

It will be a safe passage for you and the company as well. You will have multiple sources of income, while the company will avail easy recruitment and training of your replacement.

Conclusion – Switch Freelance Writing

Freelancing is a completely different concept that doing a business or working as an employee. It is something in between that gives you the freedom to select a workplace that can be a corner in your home, a community club, or a co-working space.

To some extent, you can decide your working hours as you are not bound to work between 9 to 5. You are your own boss, but stay accountable to clients for quality and deadlines.

Same are the reasons that freelancing is considered a serious business. Explore its pros and cons, and decide to move after honest self-assessment, else you may fail in freelancing and lose a promising job as well.

6 Essentials of Content Writing You Must Know

Content Writing has secured a significant role in SEO, social media marketing, and digital advertising. Because of the rapid developments in search engine algorithm the need to know the essentials of content writing if felt. Back in the days, the online marketers were smart enough in deceiving the search engine. They used to share duplicate and excessively keyword-optimized content.

But, the scenario is entirely different now. Search engines are focusing on the quality of content rather than the keywords. Google and other prominent search engines have deployed a variety of algorithms. This evaluates the relevancy, uniqueness, and contextual meaning of the content.

This discourages the production of similar content in the same context. More value and importance is now given to the content that comes with facts, figures, statistics, and expert advice. Gone are they days, when the SEO agents were busy in reproducing content with 100% uniqueness score with the help of spinning application.

“The technological development is setting quality standards for the originality of web content”

The role of a content writer is recognized in the sense of an interpreter, who have to play with words in a way that is easy-to-read by both, the end user as well as the search engine crawlers. The concept of turning existing content into a unique one with replacement of a few words is obsolete now.

Uniqueness is defined by coming up with something new to the users. The internet is already stuffed with duplicate content, which may not be caught be a plagiarism checker, but convey the same meaning over and over again.

What are the Essentials of Content Writing?

In order to produce high quality content that is distinct and compelling, you need to learn the basics or explore the essentials of content writing. I have discussed them one by one as under,

1. Know the purpose

Without defining a purpose, you can never stick to a topic, central idea, or theme of the content. The content marketing plans are created to achieve certain goals. It could be a traffic increase, conversion rate optimization, boosting leads, educating customers, or supporting a cause.

If you are writing for a personal blog or a client’s home page, there must be a purpose behind it. Try to find it and clarify your vision before starting to write, else the end product will not prove useful and effective for that specific blog or website.

2. Know Your Audience

Define an audience for whom you aim to write creative, innovative, and informative text. The likeness and inclination towards a piece of content may vary among people with their age, gender, profession, language, religion, and ethnicity.

To ensure maximum reach of your content and target the most relevant readers, you can narrow down the target audience and keep them in mind while writing. The corporate sector showcases products and services that have to be exposed to the right audience.

3. Extensive Research

Get a clear idea of a keyword, product, or service you intend to write about. It can be conducted by carrying extensive research on the subject matter. Most of the writers are aware of the common things they see around them, but somehow they have to write about a service they have never heard of.

Research is the key to getting familiarity with a topic you never know. It simply means check out what’s happening around the web in that specific niche, how people are creating content to their marketing needs, and what are the trending topics of the industry. You will end up with better understanding of the topic.

4. Don’t Copy Others

Be smart in judging others while retaining your style, idea, and concept. Rewriting the same stuff again and again is like manipulating the search engine and nothing else. It will neither benefit you neither the end consumer you aim to reach out.

A great number of people still think that copying someone’s idea to produce a piece of content will work perfectly well. It may deceive the search engine by showing 100% originality but it has no value for the end consumer to make them read the page in full or come back again.

5. Be Creative

Add creativity by brainstorming, reasoning, and sharing real-life examples. Research the internet for the available content and produce an awesome piece.

You might have experienced that a significant number of articles and blog posts are found on multiple blogs and websites. They all have a flair for writing, but keep on discussing the same thing again and again. They can make a difference by adding an opinion or highlighting a hidden aspect of that story which most of the writers avoid discussing.

You can leave them behind by adding a literary flair along with the realistic and true picture of life. Contribute something worth reading and sharing with your target community rather than a repeating the same thoughts in different words.

6. Optimize Sensibly

The practice of injecting keywords into content is not new. According to the general principles of Search Engine Optimization, a piece of website content ranks higher in searches if a particular word or key phrase is used multiple times in the text.  It’s true that Google evaluates the relevancy of content against the Meta title, description, and keywords, but overdoing the same may penalizes you as well.

If you want to optimize content for better visibility, you need to embed keywords in a way that makes sense and seems natural. You can restructure a sentence to make it readable and logical rather than blindly injecting the targeted words multiple times in a paragraph.

Final thoughts

Writing a compelling sales copy, an interesting home page, or well-structured post requires a hard struggle. A sum of words and text can be produced by an app or spinning software. But to achieve certain goals and results, you need to put in real effort. Hope so the above points will help you in creating fresh and readable write-ups.

Good Luck!