15 Questions to ask before Accepting a Freelance Writing Gig

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15 Questions to ask before Accepting a Freelance Writing Gig

You must know the questions about the freelance writing project that you have to ask your client before taking a project. The freelance writing gig has most of the data added in it but if there is a point missing, you must ask your client by yourself. Keep the following 15 questions in mind and ask your client about them before accepting a freelance writing gig.

1. What will be the budget of the project?

The most important question before starting a project is to ask about the budget of your project. Asking the budget first is better so you don’t bid the project too much or too less. If you think the work will be more than the budget, you can negotiate and tell your client about the problem. If he agrees, it will be a great deal for you, if he does not, check your circumstances and make the right decision.

2. What will be the deadline for the project?

A writer who does not provide the work in due time is a pain in the back. You must not be the pain. Be clear in asking the deadline for work and complete it before the deadline at all costs. If you think the deadline is too soon for the work, you must ask. And if the deadline is non-negotiable, do not take that project. The other thing to keep in mind is if you’re having other work pending to be submitted on same or close deadline, you must keep that in mind.

3. When to start working?

If the project has to be started too late, you know the client is just looking for writers but not assigning too soon. So, don’t waste your time in persuading the client that is not even interested in assigning you in any time soon. Spend your time in something beneficial. But if the project is starting soon, impress your client.

4. What will be your target audience?

Ask your client about the target audience for whom you will be writing. This plays a major role in the style off your writing. You must know who will read your article before writing it so that your target audience will easily understand it. Keep your audience in your mind and write according to that. Make it easy for them to read and understand. Ease your audience.

5. What do you want to convey?

The message you are going to give in your articles is that what matters. You have to ask your client what he wants you to convey in the text. When you know the right information that is to be sent to the readers, that is the time when you write in the right way.

6. How much research is involved?

Some gigs require a little research on the internet to be done on a specific topic. Some companies want you to write in your own style but there are some gigs that expect you to have detailed research that includes statistical analysis and interviews that will need a lot of time. So, you must also keep in mind the factor that in-depth research will take more time. Make sure you have enough time before the deadline to complete the expected research.

7. Are there specific work hours?

Ask your client if they have any specific working hours or not. There are some companies that prefer all the workers to work at the same time for efficiency so you must ask your client about that. Even if there is no such thing, you can ask for preferred timing to write on the website so that they can review your article in their preferred timings.

8. What is the expected number of words to be written?

Before taking the order, you must know how much words are expected from you to write. This will help you to know if you have enough time to do the project before the deadline. It will also help you tell your writing prices per word.

9. Do you want the material to be Search Engine or Social Media Optimized?

If your clients want Search Engine Optimized article, you must add the relevant keywords given to you to make it better ranking on Google. If your client is interested in social media optimization, do that for your project. Take your time and provide the best work.

10. Will the articles be posted with my name?

This is an important question to ask because as a writer one wants recognition of their own. Writing as a ghostwriter is good in a way that you are paid more than the articles posted with your name in it. Usually ghostwriting is preferred by beginners for practice and more earning.

11. What will be the tone of the article?

You must ask whether your client wants a formal tone or conversational one. Writing in a conversational tone is easier to do because it is more relaxed writing that is easily understandable. Some businesses require to show an easy and relaxed image of their brand while others prefer formal way. Ask your client about their preference on this point.

12. May I show my sample work?

If your client does not ask for your sample work, offer it by yourself. It will help them understand your writing style and expect what they will get afterward.

13. Is multimedia needed for the project?

Your writing will be more engaging if you add pictures, videos, slideshows to add a pop of color and attraction to your piece of work. So, ask your client if they need that or not. If you have an experience of adding multimedia to your writing, it will help you earn more.

14. What is your payment method?

The most common way of money exchange is PayPal so most probably it will be their answer. If not, a direct bank transfer will save you a 3% deduction.

15. How will you communicate?

If you work in an office place, communication is not a problem. But working as a freelance writer can make communication difficult as you cannot talk face to face. You can share your skype or IM ID.

These 15 questions will help you decide whether you want to accept the freelance writing gig or not. Keep in mind your preferences and make the right decision. Do not overburden yourself and give your best in every project you do.

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