What is Content shock? How to avoid it?

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Content is the king and that’s why everyone has mass-produced a variety of content for marketing and promotions. Now that every small to medium and large size is creating content, their target audiences are finding it difficult to consume.

Suppose, if a consumer wants to buy a Smartphone and search Google or YouTube for reviews, he or she may get a series of posts and reviews. Users want to get multiple opinions but they are unable to read or watch reviews. The inability of consuming content by the users is called content shock.

What does Content Shock mean?

Content Shock is defined by Mark Shaefer as, “The emerging marketing epoch defined when exponentially increasing volumes of content intersect our limited human capacity to consume it.”

In other words, the brands and businesses are producing content in access to what their consumers can read, watch, or listen to. It is a shocking experience for a user if he refers to the internet in search of an educational or review article, and he gets hundreds of such posts.

Reading them all is difficult, and the more he consumes the content, the more he will get confused.

How is it affecting businesses?

In pursuit of getting more backlinks, attracting web traffic, and engaging users, the mass production of content is losing its quality. According to a report, 60% of the B2B Sales and Marketing professionals complain about the production of irrelevant and dull content. They argue that a large portion of our content focuses on products, services, and services rather than discussing solutions to the problems their target audience face. As a result, the consumers are not attracted to the content and the entire efforts of content development drain away.

How can you avoid Content Shock?

When your competitors are busy doing the usual things, you can choose a different path by staying true and loyal to your target audience. Follow the techniques below to find how you can avoid content shock.

1. Curate content with buyers’ persona

Find the needs of your users and know the channel they watch or read the most so that you can produce content around it. For example, if selling kids garments online, the target audience may primarily be the mothers.

The housewives may like to browse products any time they get free, whereas the working women may only be able to search for products after 5 pm upon reaching the home. Get to know the buyers’ persona to ensure they can consume it without any struggle.

2. Address User Problems

Creating generic content is no more useful and effective. The users have specific queries that they want you to address in the blog-posts, articles, infographics, podcasts, or videos. Find pain points of the people and reach them out with a brilliant solution and your content may stand out from the crowd.

3. Build an authority

Share information from authentic sources or eligible persons only. Use hyperlinks for images and statistics, or tag industry professionals for mentioning their quotes, research, or findings. Let the users follow your brand or business because of the authority you exhibit in content.

4. Prefer quality over quantity

It is always better to post once or twice a week of a supreme quality rather than publishing low-quality content every day. Put a stop to publications and find time to review the text or videos in making. It is also better to consider revising the content strategy for getting out of the content shock.

5. Meet audience expectation

Create content of a dynamic variety. You can post educational and well-researched articles when needed and use videos for entertaining users. Every writing genre has a scope and purpose. For sharing a news or business insight, you are not supposed to design an infographic when users are expecting a press release.

Final words

Break the content shock by leaving the malpractices of creating content in bulk and repeating the title and blog concepts again and again. Think of the common user problems in your niche and create content ideas around it. The first few ideas may be covered by your competitors as well; you can find a way with top-notch quality.

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