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common types of content writing

Crafting words together to form an engaging and intriguing piece of content is an art that many of us believe that we own. But, we are often ignorant of the different types of content writing so that we can test our skills to master that specific form of writing.

Before you start as a career, it is evident to know the different forms of writing. You will be confident about your skills and expertise. Get to know what form of content you can write and what not. This will help you crafting your marketing pitch, communication with potential clients, and winning the projects.

Else, the ignorance of this may lead you to misunderstand client requirements and produce something he or she never needs. As a result, they may reject your work saying you are an incompetent writer. Here, in this post, I am sharing some of the common forms of writings that are in use these days. Try finding about each of them below.

Types Of Content Writing Services

1. Blog Writing or Blogging

The marketing Insights of HubSpot claims that blog content creation is top priority of 55% of professionals in inbound marketing. Blog writing can be for any business, audience, and purpose.

A blog is a form of a website that a company or a professional person uses to share anything they like. It may include informational, useful, and entertaining content. Writing a piece of content for a blog is a blog-post and the person doing so is a blogger.

Being a content writer, you can be a blogger as well. For example, a product description writer of online apparel store can blog about his or her passion of gardening as well.  He or she may also share different ways of crafting a persuasive product copy, which makes him or her blogger.

Be open to blogging opportunities or start a personal blog to practice writing on your own. It does not only help you build a portfolio, but you can monetize it in different ways once it gets traction and gain attraction of a sufficient amount of users. You can blog about;

  • Fashion or Beauty,
  • Skin care or Hair Care,
  • Food and Beverages,
  • Travel and Tourism,
  • Lifestyle and Personal Finance,
  • Weight loss or Fitness,
  • Clothing and Jewelry, or
  • Anything you are passionate about

2. Article Writing

The term ‘article’ was perceived as anything written for a newspaper or magazine, but as soon as blogging became famous, people started confusing article writing with blogging. But, there is a clear line between the two.

A blog-post can be in any shape, tone, and style, whereas articles are more formal and for a specific community. A blogger is free to be talkative in his or her posts, but article writing sticks to a journalistic style. Articles are created for online or offline magazines, newspapers, or high-profile web publications.

Following are some of the types of writing you may love to explore;

  • Profiling leaders or celebrities
  • Discussing trends, facts, statistics
  • Descriptive articles
  • Tips, ways, procedures
  • Interviews with Questions and Answers
  • Reviewing books, movies, restaurants
  • Feature articles for media houses
  • News and columns
  • How-to posts
  • Listicles

3. Creating Social Media Content

Social media may be a pass time for many, but businesses are reaping its benefits in finding and interactive with target communities. It is the users who are more likely to convert into their customers.

For them, every post is a way forward in engaging users and making them take action. They pursue in taking actions such as liking, sharing, commenting, or doing the purchases. Every social media platform has its own rules and guidelines, and scope and return on investment.

Facebook is considered useful for both businesses to business and consumer enterprises, whereas LinkedIn is preferred for B2B outreach only. Twitter is effective in storytelling and sharing information in bits.

A content writer is often required to create posts in line with the nature of the business. And, consider its target audience and social network where it has to be published. The common types of content for social media include;

  • Text for the info graphic s and its description
  • Captions for an image or photographs
  • Short and long posts, and tweets
  • EBooks, podcasts, and webinars
  • Finishing user-generated content

4. Technical Writing

Technical writing, as its name suggests, has more to do with describing the technical aspect of a product, service, process, or object. It involves creating content for communicating features, practical usage, processes or anything technical side that an end-user may need an explanation about.

The roles and responsibilities of a technical writer extends beyond a computer hardware or software company. Most of the employers may want to hire writing services for technical documentation in different engineering disciplines. It may include finance, electronics, medical, biotechnology, computing and robotics, power generation, and lots of other.

Working as a technical writer, you may need to know drafting the followings;

  • User manuals,
  • Training guides,
  • Design plans,
  • Whitepapers, etc.

5. Press Release Writing and Circulation

Companies and organizations need to publish a press release about a product launch or anything else. The purpose of a press release is to let the media houses grab the news from an official source. So that they can report it according to their readers and followers.

Writing a press release is a kind of promotional article written in a journalistic tone. The company doing so to grab consumer attention.

Being a writer, you may also be asked to try your skills in producing a press note. With a little research, you may find it quite easy to craft an appealing headline that is followed by the news story.

6. Reviewing Products or Services

The Inc. reports that as more as 91% of people read online reviews. About 84% of the people trust the reviews as if a friend recommends it. A review is an honest opinion on how you find a product or service.

A review can be about the laptop you use or any other accessory you may think worth sharing on a blog. You might have observed a lot of bloggers reviewing web hosting services on their personal or niche blogs.

It can be about any product you find on Amazon or any service you use or would like to recommend. The core of review writing is elaborating the key features along with its benefits, practical usage, and examples.

7. Authoring eBooks

According to Statistica, a reliable statistics portal, around $266 million of eBooks were sold in 2017. The figure has improved a lot because most of readers have moved from paperback to digital versions.

The users now prefer to have the eBooks on their favorite topics right in their smart reading devices. Be the one to pen down on a topic relevant to your profession, education, experience, and passion. Authoring eBooks is either for building your authority as a writer or letting your employer or a client generate business leads.

An eBook that includes tons of valuable tips and useful techniques can prove a powerful lead magnet for companies. It aims to collect contact details of their potential buyers to spice up their marketing endeavors.

8. Writing Product Descriptions

The online stores are expanding by leaps and bounds. The Sleek note states that eCommerce sales in 2018 were as high as 11.9% of the worldwide retail sales. It is expected to grow further in the coming years.

But what does it mean for you as a content writer? It says the online sellers, retailers, merchants, suppliers, and lots of businessmen are in the dire need of writers. They can elaborate their products and services as easy as understandable for a layman.

Be the person to grasp the technical and non-technical aspects of a product. Practice the method of describing it in a way to communicate its feature in a more persuasive way. Here, your product research and understanding are put to test.

9. Creating Website Copy

The term ‘web content’ is quite generic as it holds on most of the subclass of content writing. But, in the field, it is referred to writing home pages, about us, service or product pages, or contact us form.

The developers usually paste dummy content (aka lorem ipsum) to fill the gap. They let the owners order content according to their specific requirements. The way every business differs than the other, the content of about us and service pages also differs a lot.

For this, your target audience may be the small to medium size businesses that deliver services in a town or city. For example, a babysitter may need a one-page website for online presence. So, this one-page website may include a few sections that may hardly demand writing 200 words for each.

10. Business Writing

Business writing is not limited to composing emails and reports to a corporate client. it goes way forward to well-researched articles, financial or performance reports, case studies, proposals, feasibility studies, or and business profiling for winning substantial projects.

Writing white papers, press releases, and corporate posts are the reasons that business writing is no more a job of a communication executive.

Now, it demands the hiring of a competent individual or agency. The one who is well aware of utilizing the digital assets of a corporate concern. And. not sticking to the conventional mediums of communication.

11. Language Specific Writing

Content writing is not limited to a language or region. English, being an international and official language to many states, is used the most around the globe. But, there are speakers of other languages as well who need to read content in their native language.

For example, the Chinese language is spoken and written in China with 1.1 billion speakers. If you are good at it, you may find lots of freelance gigs. If good at writing in English, you can outreach clients in USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe as well.

Learning another international like French or Spanish can help you add another demanding skill to your portfolio. Upon exploring this niche, you can choose to become any of these types of writers;

  • English Native Writer
  • Spanish Content Writer
  • Chinese content developer
  • Arabic Content Creator
  • Urdu Content Producer
  • French Writer

Arabic writers are high in demand for regions like the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A person capable of transcribing Hindi or Urdu to roman can grab freelancing jobs from countries like India and Pakistan.

12. Scientific or Industrial Writing

Science and technology graduates or doctors or engineers complete their degrees and get a job in their respective field. And, no one ever thinks about joining the very same profession as a writer. For example, an engineer can write about the different processes he or she has to undergo in routine.

The way they can explain is far better than a generalist. In the same manner, a practicing cardiologist can better write about the causes and preventions of heart disease than a student.

The scientific and technological development is changing each and every aspect of a field. The experts are learning about the innovation while working on such machines and systems. But, the lack of documenting those experiences in the shape of blogs and articles is restricting passing on the knowledge to the youngsters.

For example, every petroleum engineer aims to work on the oil field. It seems to be impossible as the rigs are not as great in number as we the graduates pass out every year. If the rig workers can share their experiences, the newbie can get a glimpse of how it feels at an oil field. They can share stories, routine activities, images, videos, and info-graphics.

In the same way, they also don’t understand the purpose or functionality of an industrial machine or software used in computing engineering. An industrial writer can better elaborate all this and contribute towards the industry.

13. Writing Vlog Scripts

Script writing was once limited to theater, drama, and plays. Writing a script is now a prerequisite whenever you stand against a camera and press the shoot button.

Making a personal video may not require you to plan ahead for it. But, for a business video, you may need to prepare well before the actual recording. It may include writing down the points and rehearsing it again and again. Despite so many tries, you may fail to speak it because you don’t have a script written as per your agenda.

The businesses need a script written by professionals to keep it simple and straightforward for a variety of occasions, agendas, and purposes. You can write a script with the following tips;

  • Keep it simple and easy to understand
  • Know the agenda and declare it in 3 sentences
  • Add examples to make the audience relate
  • Mold the script so as the audience find it easy to grab
  • Add anecdotes to keep the users engaged

The vloggers also follow the same pattern as they have a complete agenda for making a series of videos. They have all the preparations, but when it comes to actually record it, they forget about most of the points. So, writing a script is important for them as well, else you can find its implication in podcasting, radio ads, corporate gatherings, and local events.

14. Working as Transcriptionists / Captionists

The internet users are seeking more and more comfortable with each passing day. Back a few decades, they used to watch televisions or listen to radios. The trend is now changed. Now, they download a podcast and listen to it whenever they are free.

The Podcaster may need to add copy in text what they have discussed in the episode. Here, you find the job to pen down all the audio files in text. Find audio files that an owner or producer want to transcribe exactly the same, and charge for per minute recording.

The video-casters may also need captions or subtitles to make sure the message is conveyed. This may need a bit of video editing skills but the reward worth the effort. You can offer transcription and captioning services for;

  • Legal,
  • Medical,
  • Financial,
  • General documents, or
  • Do it in real-time for news websites.

15. News Writing

Though news writing is more related to journalism as content writing is more concerned with the promotions and marketing aspects of a business. In the beginning, you may not feel comfortable as it demands a completely different approach. Writing a news story different in comparison to other forms of writing.

It is done as the third person, unlike a blog-post where you write in first and second person. News writing demands a serious tone and sound knowledge of the story you aim to beat. For example, there is news writing about;

  • Sports, politics, crimes,
  • Finance, international economics, business,
  • Forex, and stock exchange.

Be sure you have an interest in a topic or beat you need to cover.

16. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Writing

Search Engine Optimization is the latest technique of digital marketing that involves the creation of useful and relevant content. And, distributing it across the relevant social media and blogging channels. This ensures its reach to the audience for whom it is created. SEO is huge, but we are limited to its writing part here in this post.

SEO content writing is perceived as something that is done for the sake of search engine robots. Back a decade, the marketers used to spin content for deceiving the search engine algorithm for higher rankings. But, this is not the case these days.

The search engines want businessmen, sellers, and online store owners to produce helpful content. It  aims to ease the users in selecting a product or service rather than taking them to shopping carts without educating them.

This has redefined the field of SEO content writing. The website owners are now focusing to publishing high quality, fresh, unique, and thought-provoking blog-posts or articles. These are useful for the users and understandable by the search engine robots too.

SEO content writing focuses on the creation of content around selected keywords. This helps in achieving higher rankings and reaching out the target audience. It demands your creativity of covering a topic while adjusting the keywords so well that it seems natural and meaningful.

Following are some of the tips that can help you learn the basics of SEO content writing.

  • Know the right places of adding keywords
  • Mention primary keyword in the starting lines/first paragraph
  • Use a variation of keywords or phrases nearest in meaning
  • Write in simple and plain language

17. Ghostwriting

When you aim to write for any individual, brand, or agency without getting the due credit or mention, it is called ghostwriting. Any form or kind of content that you produce falls in the category of ghostwriting.

Usually, a writer gets a mention or an author bio or republishing rights for the piece of content he or she creates. But, in ghostwriting, a writer cannot even present the write-ups as sample work to a potential client. They get the promised amount and forget about what they wrote.

The only reason writers may go for ghostwriting is its higher pay out in comparison to regular writings. Their identity are kept hidden and no one ever knows the real creator. The influencers, public personalities, and celebrities usually hire ghostwriters to get their autobiographies written as if they have penned it down.

Did I miss any?

Finding new types of writing always fascinate me, but my professional constraints do not allow me to explore me. If you know any type of content writing missing in this post, please let me know in the comments. I will love to add it to this post.

A writer and a blogger, and an aspiring entrepreneur :)

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