Content Writer’s Portfolio: Why and How to build one?

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Portfolio for content writers and why these are important

While analyzing things to be included in your content writer’s portfolio, study work produced in your respective field by other people in the past or current course. Keep all of the collected data in a file, get ideas and inspirations, especially the work in your respective class and then start working on the collection of your best work.

If you are facing trouble in finding the kind of inspiration that gets stuck in your mind or a writing idea that is unique and brilliant in every aspect, try the tips discussed in another post. Once you get to know what are your interests in writing, continue with the platforms that can give your career a boost. Let’s start with the points below to create an awe-inspiring profile.

Why you may need to create a portfolio?

The core reason behind creating a portfolio is to represent your writing style, subject matter knowledge, and expertise in covering a topic or title. This helps a company or its hiring managers evaluate your skills before asking you for a test or interview.

A portfolio serves more as a work sample for the up and coming project rather than the proof of successfully completing the previous ones. Let us see into different ways that can help you build an impressive and professional portfolio.

How to build a content writer’s portfolio?

1. Know Your Audience

A person or company that needs a content writer will look at your freelancer profile to find more about your before taking an interview. Other than that, other writers might look at the display of your work to get an idea about your work and what they have for competition and your portfolio will be a great way for your publicity. So, design your presentation for your targeted audience and upgrade your level in the respective field.

2. Convey Your Message Clearly

Make yourself clear about the message you are going to convey to your audience about yourself. You have to prove that you are the one your client needs, show your worth from your portfolio. Write down a few sentences that describe who you are and what your work is. This statement is important and it must be concise and brief but it must explain about you and your work completely.

3. Choose Your Writing Type

The main question here is if you can add more than one writing styles in your content writer’s profile or not? And the answer is ‘YES’, you can definitely add more writing styles if you want to work as a general freestyle writer. If you have to edit your CV for a specific job, then try to add the specific style of writing depending on your audience. You can also design this document by dividing the type of writing on different pages so that the reader can get to know your work better and he can find the work of his interest.

4. Build Your Profile Niche-Wise

When it comes to the business profile of a freelance writer, people have separate content writer’s profile for print and online jobs. You can say, the online version is for online freelancers and the printed one is used when writers intend to apply for a full-day permanent position in a company.

A hard-copy CV for print companies usually starts with the qualification resume on the first page and other details on next. Content writer’s profile for an online writer represents your professional experience in your respective field.

After this part, create neat sections to arrange your content in a sequence. Attach your most recent work on the top and respectively attach previous work. Also, keep in mind the job that you are applying for while arranging documents and order must show your expertise in the class that the particular job requires. If the job that you are applying for needs an expert of social media posts or AP style expert, attach your recent creations in respective class at the top.

You can add 10 to 20 pieces of work on your content writer’s portfolio but don’t overdo anything. You can add the following material on your CV:

  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • Blogs
  • Social media posts
  • Essays
  • Website copy
  • A sample request for proposal
  • A research paper
  • Creative writing
  • A story/ novel (You can add one chapter)

5. Showcase Your Best Work

Your writing samples must contain the best work you have done. You can add any kind of work as long as it is great to present and define you. Here are some points one must keep in mind while selecting the best work for your sample work on the internet:

  • Add something posted on a well-known website to make your profile more professional.
  • Add your recent work to show that you are active in writing.
  • If you have more than one skill, add something related to each of them so all the pieces execute your unique skills.
  • Decide your best work by getting help from someone to critique your work and make the best choice.
  • If it’s not good enough, delete it.

6. Make it look Professional

You have to make your portfolio more professional if you want to apply for a job in a significant brand or company. To do so, the first step is to make a great portrait of yourself on the internet and post it on your website. The website can show your social media presence and should be easy to find. This makes it easy to contact you and hire you for their work.

7. Check it twice

There is no room for spelling and grammatical mistakes in a content writer’s portfolio so read it over and over again to make sure you delete all the errors and your document is ready to go. Check if the links mentioned are working properly and there is no mistake. Recheck everything is in the right place. Update your document of samples for every job and review that everything matches the titles, the pictures are relevant and the online reputation is perfect.

8. Make your portfolio stand out

Bright and flashy websites look cool but when it comes to your work profile, what makes it stand out is writing itself. So, make the website neat and clean so the viewers get their attention to your writing and hire you if they think you are worthy because writing is what matters in a sample display of a writer.

9. What if you’re a beginner

For beginners, who don’t have any work experience must try to work for a non-profit organization or a small project for a new organization without getting paid to create a better display portfolio for work. Working for a local project for free or for low cost builds your portfolio and you gain some experience; you can also add your practical work in the document. It does not matter if you get paid or not for your work but what matters is that you have a sample to show in your content writer’s portfolio that will impress your clients afterward.

10. Share on Social Media 

After creating a great content writer’s profile, you have to share it to the world out there can see it. You can share it on Facebook or Twitter with your family and friends so that they can read your work, give their feedback and share it furthermore for your publicity. Add a contact page on your portfolio so people can reach you and you can get more work.

Keeping all the points in mind one can create a great work portfolio. So, work hard and smart to make your place in the big world of content writers and stand out among all.

Top platforms for building a content writer’s portfolio

Internet gives you all the freedom to roam around a variety of websites, seek inspiration, and strive for your professional goals accordingly. You can find tens of platforms to build a website or profile that showcase all your past work. For example, you can sign-up to to add your projects in any format that are available to you. Following are some of the other portfolio, blog, or website building applications you can utilize to acquire a web space and mold it according to your professional requirements.

  • Clippings.Me
  • Muck Rack
  • Pressfolios
  • Any high-authority website, or
  • A self hosted blog

These platforms are either completely free to use or have a free version with limited functionality. Make use of them in the beginning and move on to their premium plans when you start making enough money to afford them. Free and no restriction, so what is stopping you from writing a mind blowing piece of content to publish and share, and reach prospective clients. Good Luck.

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