How to Fight Loneliness as a Freelance Writer?

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How to Fight Loneliness as a Freelance Writer

Freelancers can feel pretty lonely. Doing hours of work in isolation is really tough. For creativity, a peaceful and calm environment is necessary. So, one should fight loneliness as a freelance writer and not be addicted to it, because this addiction can create an acute feeling of loneliness.

This may result in a person thinking or feeling very lonely, which is harmful to mental and physical health. If this continues, the person suffers from decreasing working abilities and less capable of thinking, which eventually leads to poor performance and deteriorating health.

Being freelancer does not mean a person should be anti-social. But one should know how to fight loneliness as a freelance writer, otherwise, this isolation ceases creative capabilities. As a freelancer, your activities are not limited to creating content as you have to perform multiple roles in order to pursue a continuous stream of income through on freelance writing business.

Being a freelancer does not mean to isolate yourself from the rest of the world and just do work. One can continue work by involving in other activities. Freelancers can create things with a fresh and peaceful mind.

To fight loneliness as a freelance writer little things can make big changes, some points to keep in mind are:

1. Stay connected with your friends

If you are not social, it is the time to get connected with a few of your best buddies. Reach out to at least a friend who lives nearby and try to have a talk and friendly chit-chat for an hour or even half an hour.

Whenever, you feel exhausted and sure that a friend or family member will be free, send him or her a text message, and catch up. This very little break from work will boost your mind in a very dramatic way and you will feel very refreshed.

2. Work in a peaceful environment

Being a freelancer does not mean you have to stick only at home or a corner of your rented office. You are not location bound so why not try some amazing places like parks, libraries, and cafes.

You can select one of your favorite cafes in town for a 2-3 work session, have coffee beside your work routine, and you will love it. If you want to socialize further, get a subscription of a co-working space to find their conference rooms or shared spaces for an entirely different experience.

Every writer, author, poet, or content developer has his or her favorite place to sit quietly where no one dares to disturb you. Get to that place soon.

Alternatively, you can get a seat in co-working spaces as well where the rest of the workers are busy in their projects and don’t bother to disturb any one. Here’s a post by Forbes about the 5 most appealing co-working spaces of the world you can check whether it will work for you or not. Find such a place in your locality and enjoy a peaceful place surrounded by professionals.

3. Share Ideas and Get to Know People

You always listen that doing work as a team is far better than working alone because multiple minds generate many ideas and new stuff than a single one.

Get connected with writers and bloggers who are working on the same niche as yours, and discuss the problems you face. You will get to know that your problems are not unique to you. Finding people with the same challenges gives you the strength to fight back seclusion with more passion.

4. Take your Loneliness Positively

Now, this is a reality that freelancer have to work lonely for creating some value adding stuff. At the start you enjoy loneliness but after the passage of time it will start disturbing you.

You can take this loneliness positive because it is necessary for your profession and for the creation of good stuff. Be grateful for the loneliness you have, as, for most of the aspiring writers and bloggers, it is a dream to be alone and work on projects of their own.

5. Join a club with similar interest

Now, this is a very interesting fact that being with a person or with a group of people that has similar interest as yours is quite refreshing. We always make friends who have similar hobbies or any similar kind of interest. So, being a freelancer one should join people or clubs has same work type or nature.

It keeps you strong to fight loneliness as a freelance writer too. It has many other benefits too. Once you join them you will feel your mind refresh and not that you will feel this is a very good opportunity for leveling up your work with new and creative ideas after discussing with people of the same mind.

6. Pursue a Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is not only good for the body but also for the mind. Keep your lifestyle healthy by doing a good workout and eating healthy food. You can join fitness club which not only helps to keep away loneliness but also boost your mind. For the creation of productive work one should have a free mind with lots of new invention and ideas.

Being a freelancer does not mean to sit on a chair in an isolated room and doing hours of work. For the long run, it will make you bored and you will get irritated on small things. Eventually, your mind will burst and you will find yourself in loneliness. Keeping your body and mind healthy will help to fight against

7. Stay Motivated to fight loneliness as a freelance writer

Being self-motivated means to do things which keep yourself comfortable and motivated. It varies from person to person. Some people find motivation by keeping people around them happy.

Some find motivation by doing charity work, others find self-motivation by keeping themselves busy in sports or other physical activities etc. So self-motivation is an essential part for making your life colorful which keeps your mind busy and away from isolation and feeling of loneliness.

8. Write Aimlessly

Feel less lonely by writing down your sweet past memories in the shape of a blog post. Set your self free in writing whatever comes to your mind. have an hour or two of spare time to write without any commercial purpose or goal.

Freelance authors often have a list of tasks that has to be done within a specified deadline, the increasing fear may make you stop meeting with friends or socializing. Meeting deadlines may restrict you to a work space. Therefore, if you are unable to leave, have some time and pen down something for yourself.

This can help you produce some of the greatest ideas for an upcoming post as well. Though, we do have a separate post on getting writing ideas and inspiration. You can read it too. Feel fresh and have the keyboard and word processing application be your companion. Pour your emotions with every key stroke, for the time being, and try the rest of the ways when you find more space time.

Concluding thoughts

Freelancing is very productive and time-consuming work which cannot be done in a cage. If you think that isolated room will work out then it would not happen. Being productive and creative mean to enjoy your work by giving your hundred percent and self-motivated.

If one wants to enjoy freelancing work so he/she should keep themselves motivated, should join people with the same mindset, keep them healthy, should socialize and connect with friends. Good productive work cannot be done with isolation.

The fresh mind generates new ideas and different thoughts. Mental health is key to invent something new. Take care of healthy mental health keeps your brain functioning on the edge.

Hey I am Sidra Saleem. I work in textile and fashion industry, where writing is my past time. I write to find my innerself. If you need to contact for any thing, please don’t hesitate to reach me at saleemsidra18 (at) gmail (dot) com

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