Freelance Writing Success: 7 Must-Follow Strategies to Achieving It

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Freelance Writing Success 7 Must-Follow Strategies to Achieving It

Even two years ago, it was impossible to even believe that one can earn more than a day job by just writing as a freelance blogger. You can earn ten times more than your day job by just sitting at your home and writing on your computer.

If you don’t have any professional writing qualification and you don’t consider yourself a professional writer even then you can start writing for different websites as a blogger. Just good English and the right direction will help you earn a lot more than your day job allows you to.

To be a successful writer, you have to keep some important points in mind so that your hard work does not do in vain and you earn what you’ve done.

Strategies for Freelance Writer Success

These 7 strategies are something that will help you make your way through and stand out among other writers and be successful. Follow these tips to become a successful writer.

1. Perfect your Writing

Always try to polish your skills by practicing more and more. Maybe there are some flaws in your grammar, maybe your punctuation needs more attention. You have to come over these problems so that your writing has its worth. You must know how to format your article; you should have skills in tools related to writing.

Everything must be flawless in order to get your writing to perfection. Get a good grammar book, learn everything, complete online courses or other classes for writing to write smoothly without mistakes.
Practice as much as you can because it is the only way you can polish your skills and earn more money through writing.

2. Organize your routine

If you are bored with your 9-5 day-job and you want to work as your own boss, freelancing is the thing you need to do. As a freelance writer, you cannot just start right away as you have to pay the bills and freelancing does not promise you consistent money. Maybe you get a lot at one time and nothing at all on another time.

Freelancing gives you the freedom to choose your working hours. You can leave your bed whenever you like to, you can dress if you want to, or else your favorite comfortable gown will be as good as a professional suit. This freedom can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage for people who are not consistent enough to carry a routine.

So, organize yourself, get a disciplined routine that includes your working hours as well as free time so that you don’t burden yourself and get a balanced routine to work in. This will help you generate a healthy living by yourself. Trust yourself where needed but be strict when needed too.

3. Manage Your Money

To become a successful freelance writer, you must also keep in mind another very important factor that is money. Managing your finances can be sometimes difficult when you are a freelancer because you don’t get a monthly salary that will pay your bills and rents. You have to manage how much money you use in a specific time.
Not all times are good enough when you get a lot of work and earn a lot, when it is the time, save money. When you will not be getting as much work as you need, that will be the time you will need your saved money to save the day.

4. Select what you want to write about

There is no such rule in freelance writing that you have to use only one writing style. In fact, the more you know, the better it will help you earn. You have to decide your writing styles and what you want to write about. Selecting what you want to write about can be a tough thing to do but here are some examples from your daily life that you would like to write about:

• You can write about what you have been doing in your previous jobs.
• Your hobbies can be something interesting to write about.
• Write what you read.
• Write about the topics you are interested in.
• If you have worked in a medical profession, you can write about health, healthy lifestyle and medicine.
• If you’re a fashion freak, this is the thing for you to write about.
• Food lovers have a big opportunity to write food blogs.
• If you are a creative thinker, creative writing, story writing, script writing can be your thing.
• If you have been a nerd in high school science, technology and education can be interesting for you.

5. Offer a complete package

If you provide a complete package to your client other than just giving the written article, you are going to be successful for no doubt. So, start working on things other than just writing. Secrets of a freelance writer include the following points other than just writing properly:

• Prompt replies to their e-mails
• Act professionally.
• Complete your work within the provided deadlines.
• Negotiate well with your clients.

6. Do your Research

When you have to write an article on a given title, just don’t give it away. Do proper research in the given topic and provide with the best you can. Even great professional writers never do a thing without research. Research is important but it must be in the right direction, the right research can make your article 10 times better but wrong research will make it worse. Get a direction. Know what you are doing.

7. Share, Share and Share

Share your work as much as you can to promote yourself and your work. Make accounts on different social media platforms. Share with your family and friends for a positive criticism that will help you grow. Also, share the best of your work on your professional portfolio for your clients to look at and decide whether they have to work with you or not.

Freelance writing success lies in proper organization of time and money. You must be consistent and motivated to be successful as a freelance writer, be available and talk politely yet professionally. Provide the best of your work to your client and there is no way for your fall.

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