9 Hidden Gems Among Freelancing Websites for Writers

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9 Hidden Freelance Websites You Don't Know

Streamlining the money goal in freelancing is one of the biggest challenges. In the daytime, you might be busy in meeting the deadline and deliver the write-up, and at night, you may worry about the next project.

Getting no client or too many clients both is not favorable for a freelance writer, specifically if managing it all alone. This may be the reasons that most of the freelance writers have invested their time in various sources.

For example, they might be earning through advertisement networks or affiliate programs on their blog, or they might be involved in training and mentoring the juniors.

But, their core source of income remains the same as writing for clients. For which, they have to spend hours browsing the conventional freelancing platforms and bid on the relevant ones.

Finding jobs on those websites is a painstaking experience, why not to try some of these hidden gems among freelancing websites for writers. These are discussed one by one in detail.

1. WriteJobs.info

The WriteJobs.info is one of the fascinating freelancing websites that focuses on the writings jobs.

It gathers a lot of freelance writing gigs from multiple websites and lists this in one place. So, every Monday proves to be a promising day for all the writers to grab a project and get busy as soon as possible.

2. Problogger.net

If you have been into freelance writing, you might well be aware of this platform. Problogger.net is a high authority blog that not only assists fresh as well as seasoned authors to have inspirations for their projects.

Being said that, this blog also hosts a job board that abode features writing gigs. Since the clients pay this job board to list their vacancies, these are possibly long-term and promising gigs.

3. JournalismJobs.com

JournalismJobs.com is more like a traditional job search website rather a freelancing writing platform. To be a preferred choice of an employer, you may need a degree in mass media, communication, writing, or journalism.

Without formal or relevant education, you may find it difficult to land a writing job on this website. The easy-to-use search facility allows you find jobs by a keyword, location, or any relevant attribute.

Expect journalism gigs from local, national, as well as global media houses.

4. WritetoDone.com

Write to Done is a career hub for writers. You can explore an enticing collection of guides and tutorials on how to write different genres of content along with a dose of motivation and expert tips.

Grab as much as writing opportunities by reaching out them for contributions and interacting anyone from their community of professional freelance writers.

Get a spot with the help of a guest contribution and you will get leads and buyers in addition to a quality back-link to your personal blog or business website.

5. TheWriteLife.com

Learning and improving a skill, and then achieving excellence in the art of brilliantly crafting words comes with a continuous practice and reading the experts.

The Write Life is one such platform that shares deep insights about writing, blogging, freelancing, and self-publishing. Join the blog to find endless earning opportunities as a writer.

The website does accept guest contributions. Avail the opportunity and grab the attention of its massive community of readers.

6. FreelanceWriting.com

Freelance writing.com is one of the pioneering websites that is connecting the large community of professional writers with prospective clients since 1997. It is a reliable source for writers as well as clients.

The writers are sure that they are going to receive their hard earn money at the end of the day, whereas clients are confident about the quality of write-ups they order.

Join it as a writer and you will find a huge collection of jobs. Filter the job search by a specific source, skill type, or location.

7. FreelanceWritingGigs.com

Freelance Writing Gigs.com is an amazing resource for writers to look for a bunch of freelance opportunities. The website lists quite alluring jobs in routine, but, the interesting part is the roundup posts of top freelancing jobs.

The website has a dedicated section that is named as “Writing Gigs” which is used for daily roundup posts. It’s a time saver for all the professionals who need to reduce the time spent in job hunting.

Every day, you get a summarized list of jobs that are classified in Content Writing, blogging, journalism, technical writing, internships, and miscellaneous gigs.

8. FreelanceSwitch.com

Freelance Switch.com was once a stand-alone platform for finding projects related to writing, but it has merged into Envato Studio now.

All the guides and tutorials about writing for different purposes and genres are available at Envato now, along with a wide array of writing jobs.

The current day structure of Freelance Switch is more like a website that is powered by gig economy. The writers can create a gig and sell their services to clients on specific terms rather than an agreement to their exploiting terms.

If you are new to freelance writing, and planning a move from full-day job, you may find this tutorial quite useful.

9. Contena.co

Contena may be a new name on this list but it’s a powerful platform to find a writing job exactly as per your skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Clients can submit jobs in a variety of categories with a specific job title so that a writer get to know what exactly the job description would be.

For example, I have explored a number of writing gigs that I heard for the first time like Linux Tutorial Writer and Texas Lifestyle Writer. It is like finding a job according to your taste and liking.

The website does have an extensive community that has to share tips and tricks and different methods of getting started with Contena. The blog section covers topics like making money, lifestyle, getting started, and a wall of wins to showcase the high achievers of the platform.

Final thoughts on Freelance Websites for Writers

The internet has a galaxy of freelancing websites that serve a wide array of skill set. Finding a suitable job is difficult for a writer there, that’s why this list is drafted with the some of the useful freelancing websites for writers.

If you are a beginner or already working in the field with limited exposure to freelancing platforms, you may find these websites quite useful and effective.

The experts may not find these freelance marketplaces as much effective as much as their own techniques. because, they might have repeat clients, agreements with marketing or SEO agencies, or other ways of grabbing clients.

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