How to find ideas and inspirations for writing blog post?

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How to find ideas and inspirations for writing blog post

Writing without getting any inspiration is an impossible task and one cannot even write a tiny creative piece without getting an idea about what is happening around. For those who are addicted to writing, knows this very well, but what if someone loses their writing inspirations and could not help them out to find ideas and motivation within themselves or from their surrounding so this means things are not workable for them or totally messed up.

What if small little things, which were a great source of inspiration once, are now looking meaningless. It doesn’t mean that something very unusual, big or interesting needs to be happened to ignite a spark within some one so he/she will be able to write creatively.

Why I am saying this because I do believe that we can get inspiration from very little things around us or small even unnoticeable things around us can ignite a flame of inspiration within us. Look around yourself there is a bundle of things that could be a wake-up call to your uninspired and lack of ideas life.

The thing that matters that most is how we observe, explore or find them around us. It sounds may be tough but not really. These are some of the biggest challenges artists and writers face while going through the creative process.

Further challenges and opportunities are discussed on finding inspirations can be studied in this scientific study. Let’s have a look at few of blog post ideas them. You will never regret reading this write-up.

1. Try to find your current state of mind

May be something is bothering you inside which starts defueling your writing abilities and skills. Sometimes, deep inside, many things are going on which we do not even feel until they are interrupting in our normal routine.

We are losing focus on our work. We are unable to figure out what’s going on as why we became a very unproductive writer but the thing is we need to realize why this is happening. At that time we just need to stop, hold on, sit and think. Once you find out the problem then start focusing on that particular issue very specifically by exerting all your forces and efforts into it and just stop writing.

You shall never write unproductive stuff because it is not your identity. All you just need to do is try to solve the current issue. How? I suggest just do not even move a single step ahead until you solve the issue, which is dragging you back and is making your mind diverted from the rest of the work. So just sit, figure it out and solve the problem, as good as you can.

2. Get inspiration from nature

Whatever, it may be a good walk on a beach, a road trip, visiting places you like, or whatever makes you feel relax and open. Nature is a big and ultimate source of getting inspiration. It is a nature, which at the very first place, makes a human a human.

Come civilization and modernization which change us. So back to our very early identity or originality always comfort us. Just a deep long gazing at the sky makes me so much to think about life deeply and get inspiration from the world around me personally. This is my example others have different natural objects to be inspired. But they exist. Believe me and try once.

3. Be an optimist

Sometimes we feel so low due to all negativity around us. Of course, everybody has problems but we should be and have to be optimistic. We cannot control all the things and we all have weak points. We have weaknesses. Try to be positive with life.

When life throws you lemons make lemonade. If we adopt this attitude towards negative people and situations we will not only get inspiration but also be a source of inspiration for others. And this is something out of this world feeling.

Can you just imagine people around you get inspiration from you? Just think about it. The most interesting thing which may sound strange or impossible to some people, but it exists that we can also get inspiration from negativity around us.

I know you are thinking this stupid or figuring out how? Ok, let me tell you. Negative energies or vibes around us can be a motivational factor because these are the things, which make us realize about real happiness, joy, charm, and beauty. Negative things make us generous and thankful for all the goodness God gave us in the form of life, friends, relatives, mind, and soul. So be an OPTIMIST.

4. Find out your body cycle

Now, this is something very different approach and next level thing because very few realize this hidden power inside themselves. Do you know your body feel the situation around you and reacts accordingly? Now, this is something complicated and needs to be described.

Our body reacts according to our surroundings. If we have good people and vibes around us, our body will be happy and more productive and of course, it will react negatively if we have negative vibes around us.

What if your body reacts negatively to its surrounding and stops to work further in a productive way. You push your body and mind but it refuses to move ahead further, your hands and ideas in your mind stop synchronizing and reacts like a stubborn little baby.

This is the time you need to focus on your surroundings, think and rethink again and again. Why this is happening? Do you need to fix it to write in a productive way or need to leave it and stay uninspired and unproductive? This is the time you need to know this is the real problem to be addressed.

A good relaxing yoga class, soothing body massage, a good treatment from a saloon can be a very powerful weapon to initiate blog post ideas from a very relaxed mind and soul to write what you wanted to write from a long time but couldn’t do.

5. Your mind reacts to surrounding accordingly

The most powerful thing in anybody’s body is the brain. Now, this is something biological. From many pieces of research, it is proved that negative things trigger a certain type of chemicals in the brain which makes brain and body less motivated or simply uninspired which leads to hours of unproductivity in humans life. And at the opposite side good surrounding conditions make our brain happy, productive and motivated.

So the rule is simple if you want to get motivation and inspirations first you should need to focus on the circle you have around. Take a deep look, try to understand and take a decision. Do not forget your decision is the ultimate tool to make your blog productive and source of getting inspiration and motivation.

You have to take care of your mind. Restrain it from wandering because this is the most precious thing you have. What you can do if your mind is refusing to work with you? Now, all you need to do things which work as a mind fueling and mind powering agents.

A good motivational speech, go through your old memories, family trips, peaceful discussion with someone, mind relaxing class, etc. and many more can be a mind awakening agent. Finding ideas at the right moment for your target audience may drag your blog or career on the verge of failure. These are possibly among the top reasons as why a blogger or writer fail.

6. A good break from work and home

What does it mean by a good break?  Good break means a lot and works like a magical spell if you know how to make your body and mind workable. Being a writer one knows the huge importance of taking breaks to be productive in between.

For a writer, getting motivation is as important as taking meals. Inspiration is the first and main ingredient of writing. A good and healthy break which brings joy and inspiration is a million dollars’ worth of an idea. And one won’t regret doing so.

7. Keep in touch with old buddies

Patch up is so powerful. It works in a dramatic way. Life is so fast and we are so busy in our lives, but we miss many real things in this race. Sometimes we miss those missing parts which we left behind us and even feel very fragile and coward to admit them.

Rejoicing old memories and buddies are a source of great joy. All we can do is make a call or leave one text message. All we have to do is be brave and have the courage to admit this fact of life and memorize old, left behind parts of our life. This works as a boost and kicks in our life.

There are also things and people we can get inspired and we forget them because we have a lot in our lives to focus and we do not have time for them but we can get ideas and writing inspirations by catching them back and spend time with them again after many years break.

They have many stories to tell you, their life experiences and adventures which will re-awake the hope of inspiration and motivation inside us.

Now next step after this is ‘WRITING’. So what are you waiting for?

8. Talk to others/seek help

Believe me, this means a lot. When we talk we are gaining many ideas, suggestions from people, have a different mindset.  Sometimes we cannot figure out the problem going on inside us.

We cannot understand ourselves some time and this is true because we are human beings sometimes we fear to face ourselves too. But other people around us figure it out.

So, this is the time when our family or friends can help us. Try to reach a person who you trust so much or who you believe will listen and wants to listen. Tell them why you are feeling so dull and meaningless, why things are not workable and in your favor now a day.

Why despite many attempts you are unable to get inspired. Why? Then they will tell. People are always helpful because God made us like this. We are a social animal.

We always need someone to talk to. Talking is good therapy, people are a source of getting motivation so why not? Talk to them and seek help to make your blogs innovative and full of life.

9. Trust yourself and explore your inner identity

All you can do is trust yourself in the end because you are your biggest asset. This is you who came so far at this stage where you are writing many inspirational stories and blogs. You inspire people through writing. What do you think is it easy when you are able to change a person mind with your inspirational words?

Believe me, it is not. It is you who grab the pen, talk to your inner self, brainstorm, try to figure out and select words from an immense cloud of thoughts floating into your brain.

A mind full of thoughts, ideas, and writing inspirtations  is very dangerous. You have to feed your mind and filter your thoughts at the same time which is like battling within yourself. When you win this battle after put up a very thoughtful innovative piece of work so of course, it is only you who inspires others so how you cannot inspire yourself?

Weakness doesn’t last forever all you have to do is trust yourself, gather your inner broken pieces, tell yourself you are the only one whom people get ideas and joy. Now see yourself in the mirror and write like a boss.

10. Seek Isolation

It is a cure actually from many inner (psychological) and outer (social) problems. Being isolated always is also a problem which shouldn’t be happened. But a short trip of isolation is a very strong weapon in order to gather your wandering mind and thoughts. Things will be very different after this soulful trip. Why I am saying so? Let me tell me you the secret.

The most powerful inspiration and motivation are hidden within ourselves, we remain unaware of it our whole life. We try to find happiness in others all the time but we do not find out real happiness and joy hidden inside us. Very few of us found it. We are the ultimate inspirational identities for ourselves.

We have our own identity; all we have to do is to explore it. We can change the world but for this, we need to know ourselves first.

To know ourselves we need to focus ourselves and try to find out motivational factors hidden inside us. Once we are addicted to our own company we can find it easy to take out blog post ideas cooking inside our mind and soul.

11. Put random thoughts on the paper

Just write, write and write. No matter what but write. Write it down on paper, erase it, discard or garbage or just throw away. Don’t think about the format, the necessary elements of writing, no punctuation, writing accessories, etc. just pull out all matter going inside and exploding you inside.

Once you are tired and nothing left now stop yourself have a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you like and now focus on ideas and blog titles popping up. List them down now. This is how you get the best ideas of your life.

12. Be fair with yourself

Yes, you should be always. You are a normal human. Your brain is not a machine who can work continuously. Your brain needs fuel. It also wants a break from uncontrollable and wandering thoughts.

Your brain just needs to relax, calm down and ready to fight with a bundle of thoughts for the upcoming time. So just stop writing, prepare and wait or follow above steps until you are able to get writing inspirations and ideas.

13. Writer/blogger meet up

Arrange it on your own, invite them, cherish them, talk and spend time with them. In the end, you will have a lot to do and you will fill pages with ideas only. You will manage time to transform these into stories. You will have enough stories for the next few months.

We feel super comfortable in a circle of our own kind. This is the reality so why not we invite people of our own kind and talk to them about us, our lives, our thoughts, understandings, approaches and beliefs.

For this, I am so sure you will not only get a bundle of inspirational ideas but also find new factors that you are yet unaware.

Final Thoughts

I wish and pray these will workable for you and help you to find any point which adds value in your writing to be more inspirational, innovative, and productive.

Thank you so much for reading and comment on any other point you feel and should be added to get inspired and will be workable for me and others too.

Hey I am Sidra Saleem. I work in textile and fashion industry, where writing is my past time. I write to find my innerself. If you need to contact for any thing, please don’t hesitate to reach me at saleemsidra18 (at) gmail (dot) com

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