Perplexed about owning a personal blog? Read why you need one here

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If you are a writer, you cannot overemphasize the importance of your personal blog in your career. Whatever is your writing style and niche, you must express what skills you have. There is no better way to do that other than creating your own blog. It does not matter if you have started freelancing or its been years, it is time you get a blog of your own.

Here are seven reasons why you must own a personal blog. Let’s get started!

1. It is Your Work Sample

There is a big chance that people will offer you a job because they read your blog and they like your writing style. Your own blog works as a sample that your client will look at. People look for different writing styles and choose the one they want for their business.

On your blog, you must start writing the content of your interest. It will attract clients of your interest. If you want to work for a gym or else like this, you can post blogs on health and fitness. If you want to write for companies that motivate freelancers, you can write tips and tricks. It may attract your suitable client and that will be a chance for a new job.

Make your blog the place where you post content of your interest. Let it express your qualities, writing style and way of expressing your ideas. It helps your likely customers to get an idea and judgment of what they will get if they hire you. This saves you from an extra step of sending your resume. And waiting for them to approve or disapprove your samples.

2. It’s a Long-Term Investment

There is no chance that all your hard work for your personal blog will go in vain. You will get a reward, if not now, then at another time. This is an investment that will help you in the long run, it’s not temporary.

Your writings will stay here forever and the more views they get, the more money you earn. There is a chance that after putting all the work, you may not get any positive response. It may take 6 months to even a year. A year is no time. It will help you afterward.

Post the best work of yours and you will get client requests every now and then. Post the right content that suits your niche and be sure about the type of people you want to work with. It will definitely help you in the long run and a lot of client requests.

3. It describes YOU

If you talk about freelance websites, they don’t actually benefit you but their owners. They make it look like all the help is for you, but this is not the truth. So, you are the owner of your blog and it will help you and no one other.

There is no third party in the case of a blog. You do all the work by yourself, get al the clients and make all the money. No sharing. Your blog expresses you, what you are, what you can do, and your blog benefits you in all ways.

Most of the freelance websites take 10% to 20% of what you earn. For example, if you earn $10K, $1K will go to the website you are using for work. And when it comes to your personal blog, you get all the client requests and all the payment too.

4. It Makes You an Expert

Confidence is important, it builds your personality and helps you work better. But nobody will pay you for being confident, you must be confident in what you know. Be an expert in your field and let people choose you over others.

Get all the working experience and prove your abilities. Your personal blog helps you gain experience in writing for your specific niche. It makes your way to be an expert in your work.

Nobody posts jobs on freelance websites to find an expert, all they need is someone to do it for least payment. Experts don’t bid their services. If you have a blog, it helps people get in touch with you without a third party involved.

If you put all your energy into getting a job that many other people are trying to get, why don’t you put the same energy in your own blog and attract your clients?

5. It Gives You Freedom

If you own a blog, you don’t have to follow the standard pattern of 5 sentence introduction, 6 to 7 paragraphs in your body and a 3 sentenced conclusion. This pattern is effective in marketing, but will you not accept that it is boring?

If you own a blog, you don’t have to follow any rules, you have the freedom to write your content in the way you like it to be. It helps you express your style in a freer way.

6. It Gives You Unexpected Business Opportunities

There is a chance that you get unexpected chances of business if you own a blog. There are many clients out there looking for someone with skills that you have. If you have created your blog by yourself, write a tutorial for it.

There is a chance that you may get requests to create blogs on WordPress, as you have the experience too. So, share your content o your Facebook, Twitter and promote what you did. You will get new jobs when your suitable client sees your work.

7. It’s Easy to Use and Maintain

The freelance writers often don’t own a personal blog is that they think it is a hell of a task to maintain a blog. But, it is not. It is very easy to start a blog and maintain it on your own.

It’s crucial to have a blog of your own if you are a freelance writer or you want to be one. Start writing on a specific niche and keep your creativity flowing with freedom.

A writer and a blogger, and an aspiring entrepreneur :)

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