9 Ways to Promote Your Blog With Webinars for Free

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promote blog for free with webinars

A blog fails to reach out to its target audience if you fail to exhibit it on many channels. You need to promote and showcase the content and your expertise on various mediums. Such as search engines, social media, and other social networking websites. I am highlighting another enticing medium for you that is to promote the blog with webinars.

Promoting anything for free was difficult, but it is not the case with the internet anymore. You can promote the blog with webinars for free with various tools and platforms. Webinars are also known as web seminars, webcasts, or online meetings. It is a great way of interacting with experts and discussing significant aspects. The topics may be about business, job, or any niche relevant to your skill or profession.

We often conduct webinars for maximizing outreach and building authority. You can brew the same benefits in addition to blog promotion and traffic hike. In this post, I am sharing some of the ways to promote the blog with webinars. Give it a read and let me know if it helped you.

1. Invite more users to your webinars

Before promoting a blog with webinars, you must promote an upcoming webinar. Invite as many users as you can. The more users the more successful a webinar is. Plan your webinar so that you have ample time of spreading the word. Inform friends, family, students, followers, and other social circles. Additionally, you must share it as news on your blog as well so that your blog readers can also take part in it.

2. Conduct webinars on your favorite topics 

Choose a topic of the webinar that you are expert in. if you have authority in a niche, share the tips and tricks with the newcomers. Beginners are always fond of understanding different ideas and concepts from experts. For example, for a kitchen gardener, the participants like to know his or her experience.

3. Deliver Quality Content in Webinars

Add value to the content you share in live or recorded webinars. Try to share practical examples and personal experiences to get listeners’ attention. Sharing real-life instances may help them better understand the subject matter. The way you elaborate on an idea or concept may compel them to visit the blog for more useful content.

4. Convert best Content into a Webinar

Webinars are attended the most if you explain how different things work. Like, how to write a compelling CV or how to apply for a job. If your blog has a similar format of blog posts, you can pick the best performing one and conduct a webinar over it. The attendants who may listen to your podcast would like to read and share the same post. So, they may visit your blog.

5. Promote Blog with Webinars on YouTube

YouTube is a mega-mart of viewers. As Variety reports, YouTube has more than 2 Billion monthly active users who are watching millions of videos. For you to turn that audience into your blog visitors, you can publish the webinar or go live on YouTube.

If you are using any other medium for live webinars, record it and convert it to a video format. You can add audio spiral effects, animation, or a few images. To promote the blog with webinars on YouTube, you must add your blog links in the descriptions too. Ensure your firm presence on this popular video-sharing website.

6. Promote Blog with Webinars on SoundCloud

According to Expanded Ramblings, SoundCloud reaches 175 million people every month. You can reach them out too with your webinars. but, you must edit and convert video to the finest quality audio track. SoundCloud is famous for songs, music, and podcasts.  So, build your fan base and let them explore your podcasts too.

Let the listeners follow your profile, download the tracks, and listen to it when they are free. The audio downloads serve as an offline radio system. If you promote the blog with webinars on SoundCloud, your content may land into users’ mobile gadgets as well.

7. Share Webinar Transcript as a Blog post

Out of blog post ideas? You can transcribe a previous webinar and publish it as a blog post along with its audio or video content. Managing a blog is difficult and creating titles and content is itself a fulltime job. To aid your content creation activities, you can repurpose the content of the webinar and publish it for readers. Share the link, promote your blog post with transcription, and get traffic to your blog.

8. Share a Series of Webinars on your Blog

You can set up a schedule of weekly or monthly webinars and keep them posted on the blog. The visitors who come across the recent webinar may visit the previous ones too. This helps you promote your blog post or its entire series.

9. Onboard Blogging Experts in Webinars

Choose an influential personality and invite him or her for a webinar. Run a campaign on your blog, share it on social media. Set participation criteria that involve sharing and commenting on your blog posts. In pursuit of attending the webinars, users may promote your blog and drive traffic.

Final words

A webinar should not be a one-off event as you can use it for various promotion activities. It has valuable content if you take a host and conduct interview-style webinars. Adding more hosts may make the webinar more interesting for the participants to join. You can explore YouTube and SoundCloud for higher exposure. Finding other streaming websites is also a great move as these are the best places to promote your blog.

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