10 Fresh & Unique Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Content

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10 fresh and unique ways to repurpose your blog content

A blog is like your wife that needs to be taken care of all the time. Publishing content regularly and in a variety is as compulsory as remembering her birthday and planning the gift. So, what are your plans for posting a variety of content types to your blog’s audience?

If still unaware of the next blog, why not review the previously published content and repurpose them? There are chances that your previously popular content needs a sequel post or an updated edition of it. I am suggesting some of the novel ways to reuse or repurpose your blog content. Follow the page down and explore all of them.

1. Write a Sequel Post

Continue a topic that is liked the most on your blog and create a sequel post for it. The readers who have already read the post are more likely to read its sequel as well. For example, if you have discussed ‘things to do while accepting a freelance project’, you can try suggesting things to avoid or not to do in an upcoming post.

Like, I wrote about 15 questions to ask before agreeing to a freelance writing gig. I can continue with another post by the title of 10 More Questions to ask agreeing to a freelance job.

2. Create an Updated Version

An article or blog post goes obsolete with time. Every New Year comes with new trends, technologies, and software. You can revisit all of your articles and check either it needs editing or a completely new version so that you can repurpose your blog content and address the updates.

For example, you might have reviewed and suggested Ginger or WhiteSmoke as editing and proofreading software, but now that you are using Grammarly, you can review it for your readers. Similarly, if you have discussed SEO techniques in 2019, it may need an improved version for 2020.

3. Cover A Friend’s Reaction

You might be doing blogging for years and consider it a fantastic job. But wait, what do your friends think about it? Send your best performing article, image, video, or a podcast to a school or college friend who might be working in a different industry to ask an outsider opinion.

It may be a positive, negative, or neutral reaction. In either situation, create a post out of it and publish it. The readers may either connect with the reaction or find it shocking.

4. Explain A Core Tip Of Your Listicle

Your listicle post may include tips, strategies, methods, tricks, and ways of doing something. You may be following a pattern and may not find enough time and space in elaborating any specific tip or trick in detail.

Why not describe it in a separate post? It can help you express all that you have to convey to your audiences. Additionally, you can create a cross-link in the listicle for this newly created post.

5. Weave Your Posts In EBooks

Check if you have written a series of posts on what, why, and how of a topic. For example, what is hydroponics, why you need to know and start it, and how to start and prosper in aquaponics? Collect such a series of titles from your blog and design them in a beautiful eBook.

Create a book with titles like A Beginner’s guide, an ultimate vision, the right direction, professionals’ guidelines, etc. Repurpose your blog content by turning some of the posts into an eBook and putting it on sale or distributing it free of cost on your blog in return of users’ email addresses.

6. Turn A Post Into An Infographic

Any post or article on your blog that includes trends, facts, figures, or statistics can be transformed brilliantly into an infographic. It improves readability as the signs and symbols of a graphic design effectively communicate a message in comparison to text.

It can help you gain backlinks too as your fellow bloggers would like to mention your infographic for statistics. Furthermore, you can outreach blogs to publish the same infographic as a guest post, which is called a guestographic (guest infographic). Trying it is necessary as it earns you three-fold benefits.

7. Discuss A Post In Podcast

Podcasting is getting popular day by day. People use to download audio episodes to listen to it when they find some free time. Find your audience among them as they may not be able to find your articles as they may never search for it conventionally in a search engine.

Create a podcast to repurpose your blog content by narrating the entire post alone or having a conversation with a seasoned professional. This will spread your existing content on a variety of relevant platforms such as Libsyn, Soundcloud, iTunes, Anchor, Transistor, etc. By introducing audio versions of your posts, you can stress any point or concept verbally.

8. Create Videos

Describe any process or a step-by-step method with creative videos. The combination of text and image is fine, whereas in videos you can add voiceover or background music for effective teaching. It becomes more interactive and engaging.

Like you can try on animated videos, simple or whiteboard animation, short video clips, screen recording, or using stock images.

9. Turn Tutorials Into Slideshares

I have not tried it yet but internet marketers used to circulate content through various channels and SlideShare was one of them. You may test it as it may be fruitful if you have not attempted it before.

10. Rewrite For Guest Blogs

Create a list of your favorite posts and evaluate if you can improve them to make them worth publishing for high authority blogs in your niche. You may have expertise in the topic you have already covered on your blog.

With time, you might have known more about these titles. Repurpose your blog content by choosing the titles and suggesting it to fellow bloggers. If any of them is interested in publishing the same topic, you can get quality links without much research and brainstorming.

Over To You

That’s all from my side. If you have tried anything new, which has also proved useful, then please don’t forget to mention it in the comments. I would love to learn about it and mention it in this post. Keep sharing. Thanks

A writer and a blogger, and an aspiring entrepreneur :)

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