Roles and Responsibilities you should expect as a Content Writer

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Roles and Responsibilities you should expect as a Content Writer

Today writers can provide a broad range of content for the internet. It includes blog posts, articles, and product reviews. The online content writers work as freelancers and they are their boss. They design their schedule according to their priorities. It can sometimes be hard for them to manage odd timings of their various clients.

Online writers also face a problem to search for new jobs, as they do not usually get long term writing jobs. Online writers only write for websites and other online purposes. The web media is growing a lot with every passing day.  Content writers have to face hard competition for fewer positions available.

Online writers usually work as freelancers and some join a company for a long-term job. Job requirements include a bachelor’s degree in English, journalism or communication. They have to be familiar with print publications and online writing to be a better writer.

Smart writers tend to adopt new technologies and writing styles. They need to grow more in their field and stand out among other traditional writers. Online writers must do more work parallel to writing to increase their income. According to statistics, a writer earns $70,000 per year.

If you want a flourishing business, you have to create a great marketing campaign on the internet. It is only possible by a content writer who can write a perfect campaign for your company. It will be a great way of publicity on the web.

Content plays an important role in connecting your audience to your company. If your site has good quality content, it will boost your ratings and attract more traffic to your site.

Job description of a Content Writer

If you are looking for a content writer to write for your company, a good job description will help you make the best choice.

A content writer has to create high-quality content that is unique and engaging. Another important expectation from a writer is to submit the work on time. A content writer needs to write appealing content for promotion of the company.

The writer must be capable of producing a variety of content. It may include product reviews, description, content for digital media and print media. Getting all the work done within the given time is the duty of the content writer.

There are different types of content writing. The writer must have a deep understanding and experience in one or more of the writing styles.

Job Duties of a Content Writer

A content writer job description includes the duties a writer has to fulfill. I am mentioning some of the duties below:

  • Content writer must produce quality content with facts and figures to persuade readers.
  • The writer has to provide original and unique work that will engage people.
  • The content must be of high quality that will set high standards of the brand.
  • Content must be convincing.
  • There must be suitable subheadings to make the writing attractive.
  • Use internal and external links in the right way.
  • Include relevant keywords to ensure that your writing is SEO friendly.
  • The writer must have proper knowledge of the management of content.
  • The writing must be in time before the deadline.

Job Requirements of a Content Writer

A good writer must have the following skills and qualifications to do the job.

  • The writer must have control over writing skills.
  • The writer must have command on the English language.
  • Content writer must produce unique and creative work.
  • To complete the given task, the writer must be confident in his work.
  • The content writer has to manage different ideas and styles of writing.
  • The writer must have the ability to work as a team with other people.
  • The content writer must provide the work on time.
  • The writer must have a bachelor’s degree in journalism or Communication.
  • The writer must have experience of working with well-known companies for more than a year.
  • The writer must be flexible to fulfill the terms of his company.
  • The writer must be an expert in Microsoft and other computer skills.
  • Content writer must be professional and well disciplined.
  • The writer of a company should know about his company’s work in detail.
  • The content writer must have detailed knowledge of SEO.

Responsibilities of a Content Writer

The other important thing in the content writing job description is the responsibilities. It may include some necessary points mentioned as following:

  • The content writer must create an original and engaging article and subheadings.
  • The article must include straightforward facts and figures.
  • The writer should communicate ideas with the team to come up with new and better ones.
  • The content writer must analyze his article comparing it with others for uniqueness.
  • Sharing content on social media for publicity
  • A content writer must read other’s content too for inspiration and new ideas.
  • The writer should have discussions with the creative teams of the company.
  • Trying different styles of writing for betterment

Different Content Writer Job Descriptions

The roles and responsibilities of a content writer differ with the varying needs of the field. Let us have a look at a few of the job positions.

Creative Writer

This content writer job description is more about brewing creativity. It is more like writing a short story, novel, and play. The writer needs to add a flare of creativity to appease the sense of readers. It is also required for promotional ad copies and entertainment. They are required to produce engaging content that will bring an effective message.

Web Content Writer

It demands the creation of high-quality content for publicity of a company or an organization. The writing style must vary and attractive content should be produced in the given time.


A ghostwriter must have a unique style of writing and should know the art of convey their ideas in words and they must communicate well.

Other writing styles include copy-writing, proofreading, copy-editing, travel writing, research writing, technical writing, translation and content marketing. It extends to all the generic forms of content.

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