11 Not-So-Common Reasons Why SEO Content Writing is Important

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11 Not-So-Common Reasons Why SEO Content Writing is Important

A business, offline or online, do not pull off if the managers or owners do not focus on different marketing and promotion techniques. SEO is one of them that is creating vibes even in the conventional shop owners who are willing to go live.

Content writing was once a minor part of SEO, but the recent advancements in technology have made it stand out from the crown and have a separate identity.

Today, it is called content marketing or inbound marketing. This post further discusses the importance of content writing. Carry on to understand it from the beginning.

What is SEO? [A Quick Recap]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a methodology of gaining relevant and quality traffic to your blog or website from search engines without paying for advertisements or doing unethical practices. It goes with the ethical standards of acquiring users organically.

What is SEO content writing?

SEO Content Writing is any form of writing that is produced for educating and updating a target audience with certain business keywords. Among various other SEO techniques, creating relative and useful content for a concerned audience is an effective technique.

Writing the on-page content is important, whereas creating content for off-site promotion is a choice for marketers or business owners. Writing a blog or article may not be mandatory for every business because the SEO strategy changes as the nature of business changes.

For example, the SEO strategy of a local business mainly focuses on local directories and classified ads, whereas an entrepreneur planning to reach global audience may look out for creative content for sure.

Why SEO content Writing is still important?

Content and SEO are inseparable. Doing SEO without content or promoting content without SEO is like relying on a bow and arrows in a war where the rivals are equipped with nuclear weapons.

For a small business that does not aim to acquire leads and conversions from its website may not even need SEO, but for a better online presence, it may still rely on an impressive copy for its about and service page. this is where you can never ignore the benefits of web content writing.

For the rest of the websites, the content is as important as the SEO. Following some of the more reasons, you may be interested to take a look at the significance of content writing.

1. It Improves SEO Organically

Google loves useful and relevant content as it focuses on educating potential customers rather than pushing them towards the ‘add to cart’ or other calls to action. The online marketers try various other methods of elevating their methods in search engines, whereas publishing creative content do it all organically.

Now it requires the writers to address an issue perfectly well without bothering for the keywords as search engine bots are intelligent enough to figure about the problems you are addressing in the content.

2. Persuasive Titles increases click-through rate

Click through rate is among the key ranking factors and the secret to increasing it lies in composing simple and eye catchy titles that clarifies what you are about to discuss in the post or product page.

The title is considered the first impression of your web content writing as it is first write-up that your potential customers interact with for the first time. The more enticing the titles are, the higher the click through rate is.

3. Content Marketing has a continued ROI

Companies invest millions in advertising and marketing campaigns. These platforms are highly rewarding in terms of investment returns, but by the time you stop spending on these ads, the promotion stops.

On the other hand, the SEO content writing keeps on improving the returns even after you hold publishing more articles or blog-posts.

4. Content brings you to the forefront

With the help of structured markup language and knowledge graph, your website comes to the limelight in search engines. It requires your web content writing to be well-structured so that it is easy to read by the visitor and easy to craw by the search bots.

Here, you cannot rely on different SEO techniques like directory listings, blog commenting, forum posting, question-answer sites, etc. because, here, only awe-inspiring content can lead you through the obstacles and make your website appear on top of the list.

5. Quality Content Amasses Social Signals

Google loves your content when it is liked on other platforms such as social media, social networking, video sharing, and communication websites.

Sharing quality content of your website with friends, family, and social circles help you get likes, shares, comments, tweets, thumbs-up, pins, and lots of other social signals, which ultimately contributes in boosting the SEO of your website or blog.

6. Content is the right way to earn backlinks

Links from high authority website or blog to your internet property is considered the most in SEO. this tells the search engines how much a website is worthy and credible that other websites are interested in mentioning it in content.

Among the various types of backlinks, getting one from within the content has more worth and authenticity. Therefore, the more you write and create content, the more backlinks you earn, naturally or organically.

7. Content helps Google understand your website

Back a decade, the importance of content writing was for the understanding of search engine robots. It has nothing to do with quality and usefulness. It was to dodge the crawlers with keyword stuffed content and make it to top rankings. Today, the content is more user-centric.

Any form of writing that you do for the ease and betterment of users is called quality content. Make Google understand that you pursue quality by creating a variety of content like articles, press releases, Slideshare, infographic, images, videos, podcasts, and various other trending mediums.

8. Content covers a variety of Keywords and LSIs

Content is the only way out to adjust keywords in a natural way. Gone are the days when spammers used to paste a bunch of target phrases and LSI keywords straightaway in the body of a web page or blog post for gaining SEO score. Surprisingly that worked back a decade. But, not these days.

Creative useful content is not only useful for the understanding of end users but also proves to be an enticing opportunity to gain search engine exposure with proper addition of keywords. Adjust keywords in a natural way to secure search engine outreach against relevant search terms.

9. Gain Recency Signals

Regular and up to date web content writing leads you to acquire recency signals in SEO. This communicates a professional behavior towards your virtual business and the way you want to keep the readers updated with tips, tricks, tutorials, reviews, statistics, insights, news, and lots of other stuff.

By editing and updating posts, search engines get to know that you keep on adding more and more useful information while removing the obsolete data or facts.

10. A variety of content achieves quality signals

Content is not the text you write for your blog or website. It includes any form that tries to educate and entertain your target audience. For example, you can add captivating images, comprehensive videos, infographics, podcasts, videocasts, PDF files for downloads, etc.

The more variety you bring in producing content, the more your blog or website will rank against multiple searches.

11. Long form content improves bounce rate

Reviews, comparisons, round-up posts, lists, case studies, detailed guides, and various other long-form content have a mesmerizing effect on the reader. It creates curiosity and an urge to read until the end, as a result, the readers tend to stay for long. It ultimately results in a lower bounce rate which contributes towards better SEO.

Lower bounce rate = Better SEO

Content length is among the core ranking factors. Any blog post, article, or even a web page that has a word count below 300 is considered thin content. For a write-up to rank well in searches, the word count needs to be 800, whereas detailed and in-depth articles of 2500-3500 words tend to score better at SEO.


I may not be wrong if I say SEO has transformed entirely into content marketing. The strategy of reaching out to the client no more exists. Instead, the potential clients and buyers reach out to you with the power of content. The reasons brilliantly justifies that content is king and may remain the throne until Google makes core changes to its algorithm.

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