The Most Dangerous Writing App – A Detailed Review

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The Most Dangerous Writing App is not that much dangerous as its name suggests. It is a writing tool that allows writers to break writers’ block and produce content in a go. If you new to writers’ block let me quickly brief you about it. It is when a writer loses his or her ability to write something new or find a lack of interest or face difficulty in completing a specific word count.

Sooner or later, most of the authors go through such an experience, that’s why trying this free writing app may help them brainstorm some new ideas and quickly typing a rough draft that may later be transformed into an excellent write-up.

The application creates a sense of fear and loss that a user starts writing and keeps typing to prevent the loss of text if the session ends because of the delay. Though the writer can still recover the text, the sense of failure, and a motivation to complete a draft within the specified time makes them unstoppable in the editor.

The major struggle in a writing job is the creation of content for a purpose and around a target audience, for which, you can try other tools and strategies to make your write-ups readable.

Follow down the text for the most dangerous writing app review as each feature is described with examples and screenshots.

How The Most Dangerous Writing App Works?

Visiting upon the most dangerous writing app website, you may find the option ‘Start Writing without Prompt.’ Though you can generate prompts too for kick-starting a creative masterpiece.

Set Writing Sessions with Time or Words Limit

Before moving to the writing app, you can set session limits by time or word count. For example, you can set the session of 3, 5, 10, or up to 60 seconds. Similarly, you can try setting session to write 75, 150, or 500 and above words in a go. Besides this, you can enable a hardcore mode too, which I am discussing below.

Session Progress Bar and Word Counter

Click ‘Start Writing w/o Prompt’ and the app will take you to the editor. Your time starts as soon as you start typing the first letter. The session progress bar shows on the top of the page, however beneath the text, you can view the number of words you type.

Sessions end with 5 Seconds of idle time

The session continues until you continue, but it ends if your fingers stop working on a keyboard for more than 5 seconds. First, it blurs the content to alarm you about the session halt so that you move your fingers. Failing to write even after the screen blurs, the session will end. But, still you can extract the text you have typed during the session.

Download file in Doc, TXT, PDF, or Kindle

Upon successful completion of the session, the most dangerous writing app will prompt you to continue, start again, or download the file. Find the ‘Export option at the top right corner, click it, and choose a format you would like the file to download in. it allows you to export the file in .doc, txt, pdf, or Kindle format.


Write blindly with hardcore mode

To write faster without looking at whatever you have typed in the editor, you can enable hardcore mode. This feature makes it one of the best writing apps. By initiating a session with hardcore mode, the editor blurs the text you write so that you go on writing without noticing the errors and mistakes.


Try Dark Mode

The dark mode is the latest design trend that is allowing users to browse or use a website with a black background. The usual mode carries a white background. You can change the background color from black to white or white to black with the button at the top right corner before starting a session on the most dangerous writing app.

Full-Screen View

Switch to a full-screen view for an absolute distraction-free environment as it even hides the browser tabs and taskbar that may be diverting your attention with notifications, etc.

The app is equipped with lots of valuable features which makes it one of the commendable apps for writers. Professionals who are linked either with creative or promotional content creation can use it skillfully for their writing goals.

Strengths of the Most Dangerous Writing App

  • A free writing app ever available
  • Write an incident or thoughts in a flow
  • Brainstorming ideas by fearing of losing the session
  • Download draft in a preferred file format

Weaknesses of the Most Dangerous Writing App

  • No spell or grammar correction feature
  • No formatting tools are given in the editor
  • You cannot paste text in the editor to start working on an existing draft

Final words

I admire the effort behind the most dangerous writing app as it is helping the beginners and professionals to boost their productivity, meet deadlines, and get things done in a distraction-free space. It is available free along with other tools for the creative minds to take benefit of like the prompt creator, plot generator, and a variety of templates for writing different fiction genres.

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