What is a niche and how to pick a niche?

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What is a niche and how to pick a niche

The writers when starting out their career often do not know where to start. They take interest in different content writing jobs without knowing their knowledge and expertise.

As a result, they end up writing a variety of content types for a variety of industries, markets, and sub niches. Their inability to know any specific domain they would be more comfortable and successful with confines them to be a writer who produces content on any generic topic and not an expert one.

If you are also new and unable to decide which niche you need to select to prove yourself an expert writer or a knowledge blogger, please follow down the post. Before moving further, you can find this guide for starting a freelance career worth a reading.

What is a niche?

A niche is a topic or area that focuses a specific interest. For example, there are newswriters who generally write about any kind of news. But then, there are sports writers who are passionate about sports.

If you further narrow down the niche, you may find a soccer news writer who likes to follow and talk about news about their favorite teams, players, and matches.

Why do you need to choose a niche?

Choosing a niche is like choosing your identity. In blogging and content writing, whenever you come across a client or employer, he or she may ask a common question, ‘What is your niche?’

Now, that you answer, ‘I can write on almost any topic.’ the person on the other side would think you as, ‘A jack of all trades, but master of none’ do you want to be rejected with the words that your skills do not match our requirements, or that we need a more technical and relevant person to deal with our content, or that we need the person who has already written the kind of content we are looking for.

Acquire a competitive advantage and be different that your fellow writers and bloggers by choosing a niche that matches your interest, knowledge, and skill set.

How to pick a niche?

The secret to selecting a niche lies in your interest. The more you are enjoying a topic, the more you would like to keep writing, talking, commenting, and debating about it. Let us have a look at further factors as how to choose your niche for a writing career or how to pick a niche for your blog.

1. Choose a topic of your interest

Bloggers and writers often go after topics that are high paying and profitable. If you do the same, you may be motivated to write for those certain topics for a week or a month. You may lose motivation as you were not interested in it at all.

Pick a topic that interests you. To have an inspiration, you can observe some of the niche experts in real life. For example, one of my cousins is a cricket player. He follows every match in the city. He has been playing it for more than 15 years now, but still he likes to discuss it over a cup of tea. He never gets bored talking about his association with the sports.

Meet some accountants and they are never tired in sharing saving plans and investment ideas. So, start writing about your interest either it is gardening, real estate, pet keeping, baby sitting, parenting, cooking and baking, web development, or digital marketing, etc.

2. Evaluate your level of interest

If a topic is of your interest, ask yourself how much you are passionate about it, and to what level are you planning to carry on with it.

For a blog or job, you must know how writers choose a niche? You must be motivated and knowledgeable enough to write about your interest for at least two years.

For example, over a span of two years, a hobbyist can cover each and every thing known to him or her in gardening. After that, he or she will be left with nothing to write about.

3. Are you the go-to guy of a niche?

A topic may only interest you if you possess sufficient knowledge, expertise, and exposure in it. Like you can not start writing or blogging about a topic you are not expert in. your target users may only believe in you if you showcase your authority.

For example, if you are new to gardening. What value will you give if you are learning yourself and sharing the same with the readers? Any tutorial about how to pick a niche for your blog may question your authority first. Are you eligible to write or discuss a certain topic.

Choose a niche to become the go-to guy. Let your peers and juniors in the market mention you or give you credit for the resources you share with them.

The way we think of Amazon when talking about eCommerce, Animal Planet when wildlife photography comes to our mind, or Brian Dean when we get stuck in SEO.

4. Does the niche have a larger user base?

Writing or blogging about a topic is useless when there are not much people interested in it. It requires a whole lot of effort in brainstorming ideas and crafting content around them.

Addressing common issues of the users and keeping them engaged with useful content is tiresome, and you can only continue if you are getting a reward in terms of visitors, their longer stays on web pages, their likes, comments and shares, and most of all their mentions.

5. Is your target audience willing to spend money?

Money is the core motivator of any trade. Any writing career either it is around print or electronic media has to rely on different streams of revenue. A primary lesson worth noting in studying how to choose a niche for a blog is knowing the users’ willingness to spend money on a product, tool or service, or subscription you suggest or recommend.

Trying to earn from promotions and advertisement may not require you to think of the users’ buying ability. It will rather need their likelihood to spend more time browsing the blog. Whereas, if you plan to monetize a niche blog with the help of affiliate marketing, you better need to research products or services they are willing to spend on.

Over to you

Picking a niche is difficult at time when you are not aware of your skills and abilities. In this fast-paced world of technology, we are running after different ideas that can help you make millions of money without any regard to our likeness and interest.

In pursuit of a profitable niche, we often select a boring or irrelevant one. Working on such niche ideas is no less than slavery as all you write or blog about is money.

Keep the monetary aspects at the end and start finding a niche that resonates with your abilities. Work on a project by utilizing your expertise to be the master of a trade no one else can ever achieve.

A writer and a blogger, and an aspiring entrepreneur :)