9 Reasons to Know Why My First Writing Blog Failed

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Every day, we see a list of beginners joining the blogo-sphere. The internet statistics compiled by MetaPress expects the number of blogs to reach 3.12 billion worldwide by 2020. This is something huge. Imagine, your blog is among those billions who want to make a difference.

Overall, the competition may seem to be high, but if you narrow down a niche to your skills and expertise, you can compete between a hundred of blogs. This is the simplicity and beauty of blogging. The core reason behind your success or failure in blogging is you. You have to define a goal as why you want to set up a blog and what should it discuss.

Once, the basics are configured right, all your struggle becomes part of a success story. However, here I am sharing my first and unsuccessful attempt in blogging that taught me several lessons. I would like you to read the reasons why my first writing blog failed so that you can avoid them to lead straight to blogging success.

1. Content ideas were generic

I was writing the routine stuff. I was not experienced enough to carve something new out of the routine write-ups and share it with the community. A blogger can only make a difference in a niche if he or she brings something new or the old one with a fresh twist.

Just like the way, most of the bloggers start by copying their seniors or select the exact topic by an influencer; I also started with a generic topic. As a result, the content I produced was not worth sharing because it was immensely discussed before.

As I said earlier, I was not experienced enough in the field; I also failed to add it something unique out of my experience. Therefore, the content I write did not attract me, how it could be appealing to my readers. I was not confident in showcasing my write-ups.

2. I lost the passion when my blog was hacked

Nothing is more heartbreaking than a hacked website. I will not brag about my writing journey that it is my childhood passion, but I always wanted to have a blog of mine where I can share all about writing. I was broken when I found that the blog is hacked.

For a person like me, who is not skilled in managing a website, it becomes difficult to start from scratch and apply every single technique that I learned time to time on my blog. A single hack attempt drained out all my efforts in the entire website.

I recovered it soon, but my passion was lost for writing and blogging as I had a fear that I will again work hard and some notorious hackers will devastate it all. However, the good news is that I stood again and founded another blog.

3. Many of my content ideas looked obsolete

I had created a list of titles months before I finally started a blog. However, when I used to select a topic and start writing on it, it seemed to be obsolete. You cannot plan titles for a blog a year ahead. However, you can plan topics so that every time you need to write on it, you can cover a unique aspect of it.

Creating titles months before launching a blog may lose the charm of content, as it will be neither relevant nor helpful. Try to make a monthly plan that can easily be modified according to the need for fresh ideas, research, concept, and experiences. Now, that i know some of the essentials of writing content , I can pursue a better plan and strategy for the upcoming posts.

4. I didn’t set weekly, monthly, or interim goals

Having a goal means you have a destination. You know where you have to lead. I had just one goal and that was becoming a famous writer or blogger and making money from it. However, without setting goals or say splitting a goal into pieces, it all becomes a dream that is difficult to achieve.

It was the case with me, I wanted results, but was reluctant to bind myself to weekly, monthly, or annual goals. Maybe, it was a fair of leaving my comfort zone. Alternatively, I was not ready to take the responsibility of writing at least a post or two in a week.

5. I wanted quick monetary returns/gains

The day when I spent money on a domain, hosting, and initial setup of my writing blog, I started planning what I will do with the money I earn from this blog. Like, I was planning to have a new laptop or having a new car as well.

Take it a kind of possessiveness or insecurity about the hard-earned money I got from my full day job. Because you are not satisfied in business until you get the first earning. Moreover, in blogging, it may take days or months. There is not a fixed date or amount you will earn.

At the start, you may earn in cents that may mean nothing for the effort you put into a blog. However, as soon as the blog gets a pace of posts and visitors, the conversions and ad revenue increases in the same proportion.

6. I had an expensive blog hosting plan

Yes, that was my first time I was dealing in the domain and hosting kind of stuff. I was completely unaware of the entire setup process. I searched a few companies, talked to them, and concluded that the prices are almost the same.

It was expensive for me, but I had no other option. I managed to buy the domain for the first year but did not make it renew it for the subsequent year because I had not earned enough in one that could pay for the next.

Now, I have tried and tested an affordable hosting company within my city. It is cheap as well as reliable. I can pay the hosting in cash or make a quick bank transfer through a nearest ATM or from the comfort of a phone-banking app that my bank provides me.

7. I ignored the importance of SEO

Having a blog set up with a hosting provider is not even half of the journey. In fact, it is the beginning. A blog requires continuous efforts of promotion on a different platform. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a must-have promotion strategy if you want a certain kind of traffic towards your blog or website from the prominent search engines.

SEO is itself a complete profession and industry. However, you do not need to master it all. Learn the basics to make sure the blogs you write or the content that you produce appears in the top search results against relevant keywords and phrases.

8. I did not look into ways of improving reader engagement

Writing a blog is not like typing for your own self. One has to be talkative and communicative in these posts by sharing personal experiences, real-life examples, thoughts, and opinions, or anything that happens to you in routine.

Like, the readers of your blog are never satisfied with the about us page. They want to know more about you through the posts. In addition, they are judgmental too. Therefore, every blog post must include a part of you. Like, the way I am writing about my previous failures.

Such kind of posts that open up your life to the readers creates a sense of pleasure in reading the post. They get to know that a blogger is an ordinary person like us, and it is the moment that they start taking your tips and advice seriously. Look into ways to engage the readers, and, one of the effective ways is to share something personal.

9. I started my writing blog in anger and revenge

In other words, you can say, I did not have the passion for writing for any cause. I neither wrote for the guidance of my fellow writers nor my personality growth, grooming, or self-development.

Now that I am charged with an ambition to share what I know and learn what the community shares. This is how the meaning of life is. You step ahead for others, and others step up with you. The chain of help never finishes. A good deed returns with a multitude of blessings.

Final thoughts

That is all how I mismanaged my first writing blog and missed an opportunity that could have brought fortune to me. However, it is always better late than never. I came up with another blog that will surely not go through such misery. I hope it would help you in understanding a bit about the basics you need to know when starting a blog.

A writer and a blogger, and an aspiring entrepreneur :)

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